Therapy and Coaching

                                  Three Modes of Providing Therapy and Coaching

We provide therapy and coaching in three different settings.

  • In-person– Our in-person therapy and coaching is provided in Scottsdale, Arizona. We work with adults and adolescents and provide Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, and Life Coaching.
  • Online face-to-face– Our online face-to-face therapy and coaching is provided throughout Arizona, Illinois, and Indiana. Empower You Experts is licensed in Arizona, Illinois, and Indiana.
  • On-site– We work with executives, organizations, and other professionals on-site. Our work with executives and organizations consists of on-site, in person, and/or online face-to-face assistance in achieving personal and company goals.  Our work with other professionals involves in-person, online face-to-face, and/or on-site coaching.