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Bipolar II disorder is diagnosed when an individual experiences episodes of hypomania and depression.


Bipolar II vs Bipolar I

The hypomania is a less intense form of the mania that Bipolar I individuals experience.  In addition, there is no psychosis in Bipolar II mania.  Bipolar II does not involve any psychotic experiences.  The symptoms in Bipolar II disorder are less severe, particularly regarding the “highs” or manic episodes.  Symptoms of hypomania include: boost in energy, overly self-confident, loud or rapid speech, jumping from one idea to another, and sleeplessness.  Bipolar II individuals may experience mild to severe depression, confusing periods of irritability, impulsiveness, and agitation.  The depressive episodes with Bipolar II can be more intense and last for a longer period of time.

Symptoms of Bipolar depression

Symptoms of Bipolar depression include: feeling sad all the time, low energy, and a loss of pleasure in things/activities that one used to enjoy or love.  At times, Bipolar depression can last for weeks or even months.

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