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Couples Counseling & Therapy Scottsdale, AZ

Empower You Experts provides professional couples counseling in Scottsdale, AZ for any set of people in a committed relationship at any stage. All couples go through challenging times. It is a sign of strength to know when you need professional help and to seek couples therapy. Relationships are work and there needs to be compromise in order to have a healthy connection and an equal and stable partnership.

Couples Therapy Scottsdale

Couples do not need to be in a relational crisis to work on their relationship!

Empower You Experts can help couples access more compassion in their relationships and come away with a deeper understanding of what each person needs to feel secure and develop more enriching and nourishing connections. Strong relationships don’t just happen. So many of us bring into our relationships our dysfunctional patterns, past wounds, cultural programming, and societal expectations which- often without even realizing it- we have taken on as our own. The more we become aware of our unconscious scripts, the more we can find and maintain satisfying and happy relationships.

How Couples Therapy Helps

Those in long-term relationships often seek out couples therapy when feeling stuck, frustrated, unseen, and angry with the person they want to love the most. Empower You Experts provide the safety and security each person in the partnership needs to explore and express their unmet needs in the relationship. Empower You Experts provide honest feedback of what we observe is happening between partners, and we offer new ways to engage with one another to help both individuals feel as if they are growing toward their relationship goals.

How Does Couples Therapy Work?

Couples counseling is typically structured and action oriented. Often, one partner is more motivated for couples counseling in the beginning. This is normal and should not be a deterrent for starting therapy. Couples therapy/counseling is a life-changing experience; it is both challenging and rewarding. It is not always comfortable, but the benefits can be profound and can touch every aspect of one’s life. Personal growth and a better understanding of each partner’s own selves are added benefits of successful couples therapy.

Couples therapy is not appropriate if there is domestic violence or a suicidal partner.

Ultimately, Empower You Experts enjoy working with couples in intimate relationships to deepen their connection and communication in the hopes of preventing deeper conflicts and irresolvable differences. Schedule an appointment online today!

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