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Pre-Marital Counseling & Therapy Scottsdale, AZ

Empower You Experts provides professional pre-marital counseling in Scottsdale, AZ for couples interested in getting married or for couples that are currently engaged to be married. All couples at every stage of a relationship go through challenging times. However, it is a good sign if you and your partner are interested in receiving professional help. Marriages are work and there needs to be compromise in order to have a healthy connection and an equal and stable partnership.

Pre-Marital Counseling and Therapy in Scottsdale, AZ

When it comes to pre-marital therapy, couples do not need to be in a relational crisis to work on their relationship!

At Empower You Experts we work with relationships at all stages, including early partnering, long term partners/marriages, engaged couples, and separations. However, when a couple is engaged or interested in getting married, it is important to open a supportive dialogue between each person with a respectable third party through pre-marital counseling. It is important to note, that when receiving pre-martial therapy in Scottsdale, AZ our practice supports partners to deepen their intimacy, develop healthy communication skills to better meet each other’s needs, establish helpful boundaries, and navigate impasses and betrayals.

What Can We Get Out of Pre-Marital Therapy?

Empower You Experts can help couples interested in pre-marital counseling access more compassion in their relationships and come away with a better understanding of what each person needs to feel secure and develop deeper connections. Strong relationships don’t just happen. Many individuals will bring into their relationships a variety of dysfunctional habits, previous scars from bad relationships, cultural programming, and societal expectations which- often without even realizing it– we have taken on as our own. The more we become aware of our unconscious actions, the more we can find and maintain healthy relationships.

How can Empower You Experts Help You?

Empower You Experts can assist couples interested in pre-marital counseling in the Scottsdale, AZ area by recognizing the projections, patterns, and cycles of interaction in which one or both partners may be caught up in their relationship. Together we can explore new ways of interaction and communication. This can provide you with corrective experiences that will develop into a healthy and prosperous marriage.

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